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It has been more than 7 years since the closure of the Glenfarg Hotel. The initial community response was to try and buy the hotel but this proved impossible and it became clear that an alternative social venue was the only realistic option.

Current Position

Following ongoing consultation within the local community and a lengthy and sometimes difficult process, Glenfarg Village Inn Ltd has now has brought a realistic alternative to bring back most of what was lost, through the development of a Village Inn at an alternative location in the gardens of the old schoolhouse. This would be a licenced facility serving food and bar snacks in an environment similar to other village inns where the whole family would be welcomed. To get to this position, where the proposals for the Village Inn are being presented to the community, the Company has:

In the 7 years since the hotel closed the committee of the Glenfarg Village Inn have presented a number of proposals which due to various reasons have had to be altered.

We now feel that our current proposal meets the needs of the community and we are encouraged by the support we have received over the last couple of years. Support which demonstrates that Glenfarg wants a Village Inn.